Doing Business

Your Business is Unique

We strive to provide quick responses to questions and requests regarding establishing or expanding your business in Goodlettsville. 

Your business is unique, so our approach matches that, as we work towards a customized solution. Information on this page is provided to you for general guidelines and may not include all the requirements of every business. You can email Mary Laine Hucks or call her at 615-851-3211 for further discussion of your project.

Starting a Business - First Steps

General Guidelines for starting a business in Goodlettsville


The City of Goodlettsville, the State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) offer incentives for qualifying existing and new businesses. 

City of Goodlettsville

The City of Goodlettsville is not currently offering development incentives. 

State of Tennessee

Tennessee is a pro-business, right-to-work state, with one of the lowest tax burdens per capita, no personal income tax on wages and salaries and no state property tax. 

The TN Department of Economic & Community Development (TNECD) offers an array of incentives and grants for new and existing/expanding businesses.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

The Tennessee Valley Authority works to attract new companies, which results in more jobs and investments in the Valley, and to help them grow in a sustainable manner. View TVA incentive programs.