Adult Sports

The leagues listed below are offered by Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation for adults. 

Season Divisions More Details
Softball Spring Men's Church - Monday

Fall Men's Open - Monday

Coed Open - Wednesday

Volleyball - Indoor
Spring Coed, 6v6 - Monday

Fall Coed, 6v6 - Monday

Volleyball - Sand
Summer Coed, 4v4 - Monday

Fall Coed, 4v4 - Monday

Valentine's Volley Tournament February 9 Coed, 6v6

Athletic Program Policies

  1. Alcohol possession or consumption is strictly prohibited on site.
  2. Challenging a city employee or official's authority may result in penalties for violations of the code of conduct.
  3. Display of unsportsmanlike behavior is not permitted.
  4. Dispose of trash in receptacles provided at each facility.
  5. Objection to an official's decision through verbal abuse is not permitted.
  6. Refusal to abide by an official's decision is unacceptable.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in dugouts.
  8. Dogs are not permitted in spectator areas.